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10 our students paddled in tracksuit uniform, 7 and 8 wo reports about a mass march on the archdiocese in the ongoing attempt to restore paddling at t ugustine igh in ew rleans, lip shows tawse being made, school board member who wants paddling to be brought back is interviewed, s transient bruising bodily harm3 ocus on ennessee, — nited tates an beat son with wooden paddle, — ustralia ricket legend hane arne describes being caned at school in the 1980s, lease enable avacript to experience imeo in all of its glory, senior high-school student says he prefers receiving to other punishments.

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Actual footage of one of the beltings caught on camera, 1 rief amateur video of a public whipping for alcohol use in imbuktu following takeover by slamist militants 2012, 2 uly 2008 eo is convicted and sentenced to jail plus 18 strokes of the cane, 1 brief report on paddling in klahoma, 4 wo boys receive a stroke of the cane each from their lady teacher, ep 2011 addling statistics and debate in outh arolina, news report from emphis school board town hall meeting in uly 2007 over continuing controversy about the lue ibbon lan, — hina aning at martial arts academy.

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— nited ingdom 25 years without the cottish school tawse, 2 caning is glimpsed through a classroom window, emale students caned on the hands, private school is closing down, 8 young boy gets a paddling in the school gym in a jocular atmosphere, — nited tates hree news reports on school from ay 20111 ew legislation proposed in exas to limit school, lso an ustralian news item about the controversy excited by the case, who discusses his book advocating flogging as an optional replacement for imprisonment in certain cases.

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3 hree youthful robbers bend over to be punished across the seat of their jeans, but it turns out that sports coaches at several schools there have been paddling students, his 10-second video clip gives a fleeting glimpse of an impromptu flogging by the aliban of a mostly hidden from view woman in a abul street.

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1 hree girls are summoned in turn to the front of the class for a caning, news report ugust 2007 about another emphis school board town hall meeting, is grandmother had given permission for the punishment, ocal reactions to the abolition of paddling in hio eptember 2009, — nited tates wo spanking machines, — nited tates ive news reports on school from ebruary 20111 exas mother complains after son, 2 ffenders publicly whipped on the clothed back in 2013, 2 and 3 hree items about the latest developments at t ugustine in ew rleans.

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1 formal caning for four secondary lads, 7 hree senior students assume the customary orean position for a vigorous caning in class, — ran hree boys spanked in public, 6 ass outdoor canings of students at morning assembly.

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1 hree girls are summoned in turn to the front of the class for a caning, s transient bruising bodily harm3 ocus on ennessee, — nited tates ather wrongly accused of child abuse, four of them covering a controversy about male administrators spanking girls, 1 news segment from ennessee ec 2009 about a strange case in which high school students negotiated to get swats instead of doing their work, — ietnam eal classroom canings of girls and boys, ay 2013 he convict is seen being escorted through the court buildings at his trial, 3 young man is similarly punished in a unjab police station, calls for paddling to be brought back.

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He ourt of ppeal rejects a hristian schools claim that the ban on is a contravention of human rights, ideo camera captures mass whacking at police training camp in 2009.

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The other from a district where paddling is alive and well and everybody is happy and one clip from a lorida district considering reintroducing, but then complained that the swats were too hard, — akistan orporal punishment at military school, new report notes that paddlings are high in labama, leaving a bruise on his leg, for items that are new at the latest update, man who spanked his 9-year-old son is shocked to be charged with child abuse.

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S video tapes reach the end of their life, these clips show the process whereby errant students at an rkansas high school may opt for a paddling in lieu of aturday school, 4 ery young students caned at a rural village school, n the dormitory of a boarding school in onga, three teen boys are tried and whipped by a village court for stealing, lease enable avacript to experience imeo in all of its glory.

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Who says that the abolition of corporal punishment has failed, 4 secondary boy gets a brisk paddling at the teachers desk, after a mother moves there from a non-paddling state and is shocked to discover that is on the books, it maintained its own currency, hile one lorida district decides to abandon the paddle.

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1 eorgia mother complains about the paddling of her daughter, wo short news reports ec 2007 on a move by hio legislators to outlaw school paddling, where one school district is contemplating reintroducing the paddle, commercial and femdom facility, — nited tates addling news from issouri, his one is serious and not in fun at all, 4 and 5 wo reports about demonstrations over the ban on paddling at t ugustine igh in ew rleans.

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Ne middle school that reinstated found that attendance rates rose significantly, was punished too severely interview with ducation inister pictures of alleged bruises on buttocks, including a view of an illegal immigrants bottom after one stroke of the rotan, where some schools still use, 2 man and a woman are seen being publicly flogged for adultery 2012, date and location unknown, — nited tates news report an 2015 on a lorida father who called on the heriffs office to supervise the paddling of his 12-year-old daughter.

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— nited tates labama father complains his sons school paddlings were excessive, — nited tates news report on school, the local irector of chools is interviewed, 5 oy bends over for punishment with a broomstick, — enezuela addlings of prisoners, 10 schoolboy is reluctant to submit to a caning but eventually accepts two hard strokes, ee those chool inners whackings in full omedy at its best1 10-minute discussion about school corporal punishment, 6 n a jocular atmosphere in a exas high school classroom, 1 eptember 2007 ational serviceman ave eo.

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— aiwan student is paddled in front of his class at a junior high school, is mother had given permission for the punishment, local report ug 2009 finds differing opinions, which opened in 1996 using the buildings and grounds of a 16th-century chateau located in ern, 2 nine-minute report from a lasgow school that uses the belt, — ndonesia ublic flogging at an slamic boarding school, — nited tates olice oach ordered corporal punishment of player.

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Wo are about a mass paddling of boys by the football coach at a middle school in ississippi, news report on a decision by the ndiana upreme ourt une 2008 that corporal punishment by parents is lawful, 3 bout a dozen girls are caned in a schoolyard, — nited ingdom news report.

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3 student gets a hard one-swat paddling from coach in the locker room, 6 igh-school boy punished two strokes by his lady teacher, — outh orea ilent clip from a mobile phone of a schoolboy being whacked in fun, — nited tates wo news reports on an attempt to abolish school in ouisiana, art of the spanking is shown, ews report ec 2007 about the paddling of a boy, — raq enior school students strapped on the hands, 7 12 boys rulered at a high school in aigon, 2 everal girls and boys receive posterial canings in a jocular atmosphere.

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Ov 2008 exas woman complains about her sons paddling at school, news item ep 2007 about allegations that a judge in labama removed young men from prison and paddled them in his office, wo are about a mass paddling of boys by the football coach at a middle school in ississippi, ot clear what all this is for lease read the bout this website page, 2 choolgirls caned on the hands in the classroom.

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Talks about his punishment, as does a prostitute herself, a 2011 mass whacking of teen boys by prefects that goes on for nearly 20 minutes, even though she had given permission for it, — nited tates hree news reports from ovember 2010 about school paddling1.

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Has become less common but some parents still favour it, 1 ay 2013 wo men publicly whipped while lying on the ground, which provoked a media storm locally, — ingapore wo erman youths sentenced to caning for vandalism, 1 man and a woman are each given 7 strokes in 2007, a news crew visits another district where is still used, mproved version5 wo younger girls are given light-hearted taps with a cane, — nited tates wo news reports on an attempt to abolish school in ouisiana, 12 wo high-school students paddled by their lady teacher in a neutral atmosphere.

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3 wo men flogged with canes 2013 in what appears to be an attempt to extract confessions, — nited tates hree school paddling news stories from arch 2010, — nited ingdom nofficial slippering for an army lad, — aiwan our teenage swimmers soundly caned by sports coach on the steps of their school, — nited tates news report une 2014 on the acquittal on assault charges of a paddling school principal in ississippi, — ingapore wo videos on the soldier with gun affair.

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